The second mini poetry reading!

It’s time to post and celebrate (I guess?) our next mini poetry reading from Holding onto Stars!

This one is called “Battle Scars”, and I may or may not have posted it as an old ‘poem preview’ on here a while ago… but, either way, it’s one of my favorites and I wanted to share it in crappy quality video format!



A bunch of battle scars
Were laced around her neck
A reminder of broken hearts
That time would not forget

Her faith left shaken
She could not glance up
All these unfamiliar faces
Could not restore her love

But there that day she sat
Tears for all but her
Talking of the past
Speaking of the worst

One question after next
Sweaty palms and aching limbs
She could not tell the rest
She could not say the words of him

And then she took another breath
Taking in sweet oxygen
Thinking of her peace ahead
She cleansed herself of all his sins

And now there is a man that stands
And speaks to her what should be done
She finally looks up from her hands
Cynical thoughts now on the run

A promising future he foresees
One where she shall finally be
Loved, healthy, secured, happy
And infinity, completely, and truly

Let me know what you thought/think and if you’re still diggin’ these vids (or not)!


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