My current reads

Okay, so, usually, I don’t post stuff like this. Like, what I’m reading or into at the moment. Mostly because (gasp) I don’t actually read much at all.

But, lately, I’ve found myself getting more and more involved in poetry. A little bit of writing it, but a lot more of reading it. And, since it’s near the Holiday times, I’ve already received some new poetry books as gifts and have found more time in the cold, snowy days to slouch back and curl up with ’em.

So, here’s the three poetry books I’m currently reading!

Anne Sexton- The Complete Poems


Yeah, this one’s pretty lengthy and I’ve been delving into it for quite a few months now (proof in a vlog I did with it a while back), but Anne Sexton is my all-time favorite poet!

If you don’t know who or what she’s all about, know that she was one of the most prominent poets in the beginning of the confessional poetry era (1960s/1970s), and she’s still a top name in the game today. To me, she wrote very straightforward and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought of her work, something I think we as writers should all follow.

Maya Angelou- Poems


Okay, so I literally just started this one today… but I can say so far that I absolutely love Maya’s style. A lot of her poems are, like, of rhyming and singing style, which is actually how I like to write (when I do try to make up some poetry of my own), so I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to the top of my favorite poet’s list, too.

Though not her complete poetry collection, Poems is made up of four of Maya’s poetry books, and it’s got enough good ones in it that I’m really feeling inclined to do some poetry readings from it in the future (maybe… wink).

Emily Dickinson- The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson 


And what kind of rising poetry addict would I be without some classic Emily?

Emily Dickinson wrote so many poems in her lifetime, so this collection is thick bundle to hold. A strong and beautiful one, though, too, and it’s hard to put her poems into words other than the words of the poems themselves… so just check them out for yourself!

And that’s all that I’m currently reading, if you felt curious enough to scan it all this far. Let me know if you’ve ever read any of these books or the poems of any of these three women, or if you’re planning to read them now for your own pleasure!

Also be sure to follow me on Goodreads for more updates on what I’m reading… and writing in the future!


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