And… we’re back!

Okay… yes, I’m back! Finally, haha.

But, just so you know, The Quiet Diaries aren’t done just yet… but they’re on pause for a while.

But there’s a reason for that besides just taking a break.

Because… oh gosh, I’m so excited for this!!!!!!!

Well, I was gonna leave it a surprise until Saturday, but now I’ve changed my mind; I can’t wait to get this out…


Yes! I know right, aren’t you pumped up, too?!?!?!?!?!

Well, if you’re not, that’s okay; at least I am (and so is my dad, the only one who’s been pestering me every night for the past four months with ‘Is the book done yet? Is the book done yet? Yet????’).

And, um… I don’t think I’ve mentioned a lot of details about it here before (or at all, probably), but here’s basically all you need to know.

My sophomore book (I think I call it that, right?) is, in the most basic sense, about a high school-aged girl with extremely horrible luck. More in depth, her name is Emma Lenford and she’s a laid-back, sarcastic-comedic type who finds a way to make the most of her unfortunate befall-ments.

But what kind of unfortunate befall-ments?

The dangerous and often life-threatening kind. The kind where some days you wake up in the middle of a forrest captured and surrounded by practicing occultists and others you’re held at gun-point and ordered to buy sexual health products for a hairy, middle-aged man. You know those, right?

And the best part… it’s actually really sort of kind of a series. (The title ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ was already taken, though, darn.)

And, actually, I really like this ‘series’ because it’s… really different than what’s out there right now I feel like. It’s like a sit-com, but in a book, really, and each chapter is like a new episode; each is a short story that could really stand on its own, minus the certain characters and plot elements that link the whole season… I mean, book together.

So, yeah, it’s funny (I think). And it’s action/adventure-packed. And it’s probably in the genre of teen/young adult (though we won’t condone it for too young of an audience… because there is kind of a lot of PG-13 moments; I’d call them ‘dirty points’, but that’s probably not the professional way to describe it.). So… we can categorize it as an action-adventure-comedy-drama-young-adult-teen-fiction kind of book. If, I guess, any part of that appeals to you… then hop on aboard!

Also, if you read and hopefully enjoyed my debut book, Cartoon, then you’re likely going to enjoy this one as well. Not just because I wrote it, but also because it’s just about the same the genre. Minus the… partially romantic parts. (Spoiler alert if you haven’t already read that, though… sorry!)

Anyway, I was just jumping and joyfully ready to share this wondrous news with y’all! It’s a really big accomplishment to get this book done (though it’s literally the fastest thing I think I’ve ever written… but that’s because I loved it that much!) and I’m really looking forward to publishing the ebook in… okay, I’ll just announce that date, too…

T minus 3 days!!!

That’s right, Sunday the 11th is my set publishing day!

Before then, though, I’ll come back and give a sneak peek of the book itself (cover and snippet!), and then, before we even know it, it’ll be here for (free) download!

And then, of course, before you know it, my next-next book will be here, and then the next-next-next, and then next-next-next-next, and…

Until then!

-iKari 📖


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