Interviewing characters!

Hey guys, me again!

So, I heard/read this thing a while back… probably on Pinterest or something, about different ways to get to know your characters better. One that I really remember and thought to be kind of neat was the idea of ‘interviewing’ your character or, like, filling out a questionnaire as your character. It sounds pretty interesting, and I’ve never done it or thought of doing something like it before… so, today, we’re gonna try it out together!

Now, I’m going to pull out some interview-esque questions both from my head and the wonderful world wide web, and then I’m going to answer them as my own created character Emma Lenford from the… cough cough, book I published last Sunday.

But then, fun part, y’all are welcome to copy my questions and use them for your own character worksheets, either in the comments (which would actually be super duper fun to read!) or on your own terms.

So, anyway… let’s just try this out!

An Interview with Miss Emma Lenford by… me.


  1. How old are you, Emma?
    Seventeen, I believe. If my father’s not lying to me, I was born during the October of 1999. And it’s 2017 right now… right?
  2. Where is home to you?
    There’s no place like Talket County, Wisconsin, so… probably the local police department’s office.
  3. Who are you closest to?
    My dad, for sure. I mean… after one of your best friends tries to kill you, another one moves out of the country and completely out of range of contact, and the only other person who even wants to talk to you is a girl you despise from way back when, family is who you turn to. And my father is my only family, seeing how my mom ran away when I was three years old because she was too bored with raising an average toddler like me.
  4. Do you have any untold secrets?
    One time, I borrowed Nancy Garderie’s flash-drive for a few classes at school. I promised I’d get it back to her as soon as I finished printing out a lab report, but it was the sliding-stick kind that was addictive to fiddle with, and I was playing with it that afternoon while I was “doing my business” in the bathroom. Of course, I ended up dropping it in the toilet whilst going and that was the end of it; she forget to even ask for it back afterward.
  5. What do you have on your nightstand right now?
    A hairbrush with only five prongs left on it, an empty bottle of Mountain Dew, a blue, broken flashlight, a pink click-y pen, a bag of fun-size Milky Ways, and a polaroid picture of my feet taken circa May 2000.
  6. You’re an only child, aren’t you? Do you wish you had siblings?
    Yeah, I am. And, um, no, I don’t, because I think my mother would have offed herself for sure if she had to be pregnant twice.
  7. What do you think you want to be when you grow up?
    A ghost, like Bri. Or maybe a masseuse.
  8. What is one word you would use to describe yourself?
  9. What is your favorite sport, either to play or to watch?
    I play basketball with my dad when it’s not negative nine outside, and I did a little bit of school soccer pre-high school. As far as watching sports goes… I’m far too content just watching reality shows.
  10. Are there any charities or causes you could feel really passionate about?
    All of the ones that make life better for kids who need it. I mean, kids are supposed to laugh and have fun and stuff… and, if they can’t, then what do they have at all?

And that concludes our post!

Let me know what you think/thought of this new idea and all… and if you plan on trying it out for yourself sometime soon!



P.S. Emma Lenford’s first book can be found here for free download!

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