3 “Emma Lenford” Characters, 1 “Interview”.

As a writer, I know the importance of interviewing your characters during that ever-so-special pre-writing phase.

Just kidding, it’s not that special. It’s actually quite boring, and so I usually skip most of it and get right into actual writing.

But, anywho, sitting down with our fictional characters and “interviewing” them can be a pretty fun and interesting process, whether we’re done writing about the characters’ story or we haven’t even started our writing journey with them yet. And so… today, I’d like to do just that–interview the 3 main characters of my Emma Lenford series, even though I’m over halfway done with writing their total stories.

I believe I did do a similar thing to this with just the main main character, Emma Lenford, quite a while ago… but, hey, today, we’re gonna take things even further.

We’re gonna interview Emma Lenford, Stella Anderson, and Miranda Lively all at once!

So, buckle up, kiddos… it’s gonna be quite the bumpity-bumpy ride.

A 3-way interview with the MCs of the Emma Lenford series

Interviewer: All right, everyone, I know it’s difficult to sit in the same room with each other after everything you’ve been through together, but… let’s settle down, okay? And, Miranda, please put that switch blade away; I’m not even sure how you got it past security on your way to the interview room…

Miranda Lively: Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t.

Interviewer: You… didn’t what? Get it… past the security?

Miranda Lively: I didn’t have to.

Interviewer: Um… right, okay, well, anyway, let’s start with question one, everyone. Ahem. Let’s see… okay, so, how do you guys think your lives would have been different if you had never even met one another? Stella, let’s start with you.

Stella Anderson: Well, it would be kind of strange if I had never met my brother.

Interviewer: No, no–Stella, I said one another. What would your life be like if you had never met Emma or Miranda?

Stella Anderson: Oh. Well… I’d probably be living in Cancún or something.

Miranda Lively: So, you’d move to Mexico? Interesting, seeing as how you hardly know how to speak fluently in the English language, let alone Spanish.

Stella Anderson: It’s not your turn to speak, Miranda! And, anyway, Cancún isn’t even in Mexico; it’s in France, and I speak French very well. Like, my sherry, madam moist-elle!

Interviewer: Okay, okay, everyone–stop laughing at Stella’s very, uh, legitimate answer. And, now, Emma, how about you? How would your life be different?

Emma Lenford: Well, aside from the fact that I’d have a lot more blood to give to the Red Cross, a lot less impending wrinkles on my forehead, and a hell of a lot more self-esteem to fill the gas tank of my father’s half-destroyed Ford Focus… I guess I’d have to say that maybe I’d have been eligible to be voted for “Best Snort-Inspired Laugh” in the senior yearbook.

Interviewer: Well, okay, then. Um… Miranda? You want to give an answer?

Miranda Lively: Not really.

Interviewer: Well, you kind of have to; that’s the point of this interview.

Miranda Lively: Ugh, well… perhaps I’d have been more wealthy. Actually, I’d probably have owned my own bank if it weren’t for these two incoherent spitwads by now.

Emma Lenford: Oh, please; half of all your life savings is a result of you torturing me by this point, Miranda.

Interviewer: Yeah, that does ring kind of true, Miranda…

Miranda Lively: Watch your tone with me; I’ve turned newscasters like you into spotted frogs that get boiled into dinner at Louisiana restaurants before.

Interviewer: Uh, I’m not a newscaster, but… Well, anyway, how about we move onto question two? So, starting with Stella, again… Can you name one positive thing and one negative thing about these two other gals sitting beside you today?

Stella Anderson: Oh, yeah. Like, for Emma, she’s… um… like, really good at puzzles, I think, and also really good at finishing her food at lunch and stuff.

Emma Lenford: Stella, that’s two positives.

Stella Anderson: No, it’s not. Anyway, for Miranda… well, she’s really good at puzzles, too, but she can be kind of a bit rude at times.

Miranda Lively: Wow, puzzling. I’m surprised even you solved that one, little miss peabrain, even though I have no idea what type of puzzles you’re even talking about.

Stella Anderson: See, that was totally uncalled for! And I was saying that you both are really good at the kinds of puzzles where you have to figure out who got killed in the museum.

Emma Lenford: The… what?

Interviewer: Well, thanks for that… interesting answer, Stella. Now, Emma or Miranda, either of you want to go?

Miranda Lively: No.

Emma Lenford: Not really.

Interviewer: Well, you know, you both agreed to come in here and answer all the questions we had laid out for you today, so…

Emma Lenford: Fine, okay. For Stella, I think has a great personality, but she has absolutely no common sense whatsoever in this world. For Miranda, I think she also has a great personality, but she has absolutely no sense of self control whatsoever in this world.

Interviewer: You do realize that saying someone has a great personality is kind of a work-around for saying they have no real positive aspects, right, Emma?

Emma Lenford: I’m aware.

Interviewer: Okay, so… Miranda, it’s your turn.

Miranda Lively: Hm, let me think… Stella is a five-foot loser with a head the size of a golf ball, an overinflated ego the size of an eight ball, and an incomprehensible need to please her parents that weighs more than twenty bowling balls. As for dearest Emma, she’s a five-foot-three loser with nothing of value to me other than her blood type, her weak will, and her lack of health insurance.

Emma Lenford: Wow, thanks.

Interviewer: Ugh… Okay, that was not the answer we were hoping for, but let’s just keep moving, anyway. One more question to go, you guys, or at least for today, okay? So, here it is… if you could summarize yourself in one sentence to let people know who you really are, what would that exact sentence be? How about we start with Miranda this time.

Miranda Lively: I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet.

Emma Lenford: That’s the tagline of Sammi Giancola, also known as Sammi Sweetheart, from Jersey Shore circa 2009.

Miranda Lively: And it’s the perfect sentence to let people know who I really am.

Interviewer: Okay, okay, that works. Stella, how about you, now?

Stella Anderson: I’m super smart and hardworking, I get along well with others, I communicate great, and I’m always willing to try and learn new things!

Emma Lenford: Jesus, Stella, this isn’t a job interview.

Interviewer: Right, it’s not, but still… good answer, I guess, Stella. And, now, to finish us out… Emma? What’s the perfect sentence that describes you?

Emma Lenford: I am Emma Lenford, and the luck in my life has completely run empty time and time again, after being kidnapped, held at gunpoint, and even arrested for things I had nothing to do with multiple times, and all I plan to do to keep my cool about it is just maintain my good, or, excellent, really, sense of humor at absolutely all times so that, when my next unfortunate incident rolls around, I’ll be ready to just laugh at it, you know, right in the face.

Stella Anderson: That was more than one sentence…

Interviewer: Actually, it wasn’t–it was just an extreme compound sentence, and it worked out perfectly. So, thank you all for coming to this interview today, and I want to wish you luck in… well, whatever adventures are thrown your way next.

I hope you all enjoyed this little interview with the Emma Lenford gang! It was pretty fun and kind of silly to write up, and I think you can laugh along while reading it whether you’ve just started the Emma Lenford series, have yet to start it, or are currently making your way through it (much like how I am still making my way through writing it).

But, ya know, if you haven’t actually read any of the Emma Lenford books yet but you are interested in starting them–here’s a tip: you can read and listen to the first book in the series in e-book and audiobook forms completely free!

All you have to do is click below and enter your e-mail address to get the free first book sent right to you. After that, you’ll continue to receive news and updates about Emma Lenford and some of my other books! And there are absolutely no strings attached–you can “unsubscribe” your e-mail anytime from the mailing list if you need to.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought/think of this cute lil’ interview betwexnst 3 characters!


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