The Nanny Diaries

I love that movie, The Nanny Diaries. The 2007 one with Scarlett Johansson, you know?

Well, even if you don’t, that’s okay; it kind of doesn’t have too much to do with this post, anyway.

Kind of. 

So, here’s the update.

I have 6… I mean, 5, (at least not 6 yet!) adorable lil’ niblings.

Oh, and what is a nibling, you ask?

Nibling is the non-gender specific term for niece and nephew. It’s like siblings but with the ‘n’ from both of those words instead. It’s like saying nipoti in Italian, if you know Italian (and, if you don’t, you just learned). But it’s better. Because it’s funner to say. And screw grammar on this one.

Niblings, niblings, niblings. 

(Wiktionary says it’s a real word, too, though uncommon… but I’m determined to make it widespread someday.)

But, anyway, I have 5 niblings. Two nieces and three nephews. All from three different siblings. And… one of my siblings recently lost a regular babysitter. No, she didn’t die… she had been pregnant for nearly 10 months and finally had her baby.

Good for her, though, really! But… since she did give birth to a 10 lb 3 oz baby and all… she kind of needed some time off from watching a toddler and kindergartener on top of a newborn for a while. I don’t blame her, either.

But, since the mother of those two young whippersnappers (a.k.a. my sister, if you’re not entirely following… and I don’t blame you, either, haha) is always such a last-minute planner and didn’t get another sitter lined up until, literally, 3 days before her original watcher had a baby… I decided to step up to the plate for her.

And so, now, suddenly, I’m a part-time live-in nanny!


Haha… but, really, I’m actually really excited about it. I get to hang out with my nephews every weekday, and I actually get paid for it! What’s not to love about a job like that?

Now, I’m not entirely sure how permanent or not this will be, but I just had my first week at it, and it’s pretty enjoyable, so I’m hoping for a while. Plus, maybe the strange and silly things my nephews talk about will give me ideas for blogging and writing! Who knows, though.

And I’ve actually always low-key wanted to become a nanny (mostly after watching that movie… but a little before that, too).

Really, though, I just wanted to let everyone in on the news of my personal life, which is something I don’t normally do around here. Also, I kind of wanted to explain the influx in nephew pics and stories on my Twitter and Instagram pages for those who would maybe wonder about it. Mostly for the second reason, though.

Here’s to living the nanny life and praying it doesn’t go exactly like how The Nanny Diaries did! (Hint: Scarlett Johansson’s life was actually hell during the whole thing.)


-iKari the New Nanny 👶

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