Walking down the aisle, your hands over your heart. That sweet, all too familiar scent of creaky wood surrounds you. You stride to the end of the path, you turn right, you look up, and then… there it is. 

Your book on the local library shelf.


Now, this is just sort of a fantasy I’ve been having lately… but, oh, man, it truly is a magical sight to imagine. I get all bubbly inside just thinking about it.

And it’s not even just the library, though that’s what gives off the true fuzzy-warm and really familiar vibe… it’s also book stores. Especially the small, local-types. Like, just imagining someone, a stranger, coming into a place like that, just browsing around… stumbling across your masterpiece… and, whether they buy it or not, or even pick it up, they saw it there.

Oh, I’m just tingling, now.


This is just a dream of mine. Maybe it’ll happen someday, but I’ve only got junk out in ebook forms right now.

Still, nobody can deny how it feels for a reader to explore a small bookstore or local library in all its physical pages of glory. I want to give that feeling to someone- the one you get when you pick up a book that’s just perfect- and I want to gift myself the feeling of giving that feeling.

So… I’m hoping, in the future, near or distant, that my dreams can become reality. For now, though, I’ll stay in my little virtual world and write like a madman until it happens.

Even if I die before it does.

Let me know if y’all have the same daydream!


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