MY birthday post!

So, first we had the BLOG birthday post… and then it was the 1st year anniversary of my first published book, Cartoon… (but I didn’t make a post for that because then these kinds of things would begin to feel boring and redundant)… and, well, now it’s MY birthday!

So, what am I doing for this special day?


But, we’ll make this a fun blog post! And, I was thinking, since it is my… 20th birthday (now you know, haha)… we can play some sort of version of… 20 questions!

So, how this will work is this… I’ll post 20 questions and 20 answers about some ‘object’… and you can try to guess what it is I’m talking about by the end. You’ll probably even get it by answer 5. But still, this’ll be fun.

Here goes.


  1. Is your object a bird? I don’t think so. 
  2. Is it a living thing? Hm, not sure, lemme check… oh, yep, definitely still alive. 
  3. So, it’s not a plant, is it? No. But, I guess, once it dies, it’ll decompose and become one with the earth and then turn into food in the dirt for plants. 
  4. Is it a person? Yes. 
  5. Is it a famous person? …Not yet
  6. Is this person male or female? Female. 
  7. How tall is she? Five foot… on a good day. 
  8. What does she look like? Short, tiny… red hair. 
  9. Can she whistle? Ugh. No. 
  10. If she were to, say, win the lottery, what would she do with all the money? Probably 75% straight to charity, the rest on shoes. 
  11. What’s a body part she wouldn’t mind losing? A toe…
  12. What was the dumbest way she’s ever been injured? She once (recently) stuck a spoon into a hand mixer while it was running. She almost lost a finger; she wish it were a toe. 
  13. What was the most gullible moment she’s probably ever had? She once believed her friend when she was told a famous (left unnamed here) man had a baby and didn’t know who the mother was. She believed this for almost 2 years before she found out the truth. 
  14. What is her favorite scent? Basements. 
  15. Would she rather always have shirts one size too small or always two sizes too big? One size too small. 
  16. Does she believe a person has the ability to change his/her own personality? Only to an extent. Otherwise, yes, but it could be very challenging. 
  17. What is something she sees as a big accomplishment, though others may find it very strange? She once strived to receive 11 chicken McNuggets in her McDonald’s meals instead of the regular 10. After years of waiting, she finally got the 11, and decided to scrapbook the very moment in her 10 pound high school memory book. 
  18. What period in history does she wish she could visit? The 60s. Very badly. 
  19. What is her profession? Writer. 
  20. How old is she? 20 years old. 

And, I’m sure you figured it out by the end, but… the ‘object’ I was hoping everyone would guess was actually me.

And so, everyone… now I have a date with a cake of which I still have yet to make (for myself)!

Happy birthday to me and I hope everyone has a great day like I hope I do!

-iKari 🎂

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