A profession I admire.

(And not with a typical answer.)

Everyone likes doctors. Maybe not so much the personality of a certain one or the way another looks, but everyone appreciates the work of doctor. In general.

Same for a lot of nurses. And paramedics. And firefighters. And policemen. And 9-11 operators. And other non-specific first responder positions or other related professions.

We also can’t forget the hard jobs. The ones no one else wants to do… like sewage removal. And janitorial stuff; hotel maids and such.

Or the boring jobs. Like accounting.

But, beside all of that, there’s still one profession left that I really actually admire. And it’s not probably one you’d normally think of… (and, no, it’s not writing, either…)


Is there really as important of a job than the one of making someone laugh?

Okay, in theory, maybe yes, but I’d like to think outside the box. I mean, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Funny people make the world go ’round. I couldn’t get out of bed if Cheers or Friends (the shows) didn’t exist. I literally live for sit-coms; life would be unbearable without them.

And maybe this is why I’m shooting for more comedic styles in my writing these days. (With Emma Lenford, mostly.) I look up to comedians the most, so why not try and mimic them? (Becoming one may be a bit much…)

But, anyway, that’s all I wanted to say today. I just really like comedians. And I look up to them; I admire them. A lot.

Who do you admire?


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