Geeeet ready!!!

Boom y’all, I’m back from The Quiet Diaries!

(Though, more than likely, it’s not done yet, and we will return to those entries at another later date.)

And now, I’d like to announce…

Drum roll.

I’ll be posting a new, original short story here next week!

Yay, right?

It’ll be called “Once More”, and I’ll be uploading it to Wattpad as well… after I’m done posting it in segments here on my blog! So, you all get to be the first readers!

And, to share some more excitement… Here’s the Wattpad cover!


I feel like it’s really probably not the best or anything… but I made it sort of last minute with a few ideas I generally had it mind and it probably gives a good sort of idea of what the story is sort of kind of about.

So, get ready!

Once More is comin’ up hot next week! ❤


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