Just a sidenote post…

So, I did a dumb thing. Can you guess what it is? If you’ve been browsing any post on my blog older than a week, you probably already figured it out. Maybe.

So, here’s what happened… I was going through the pictures in my WordPress media files, right? And I wanted to just, like, free up some space of data, right? So, I delete some… or maybe a lot of pictures… without even really thinking about it. And you know how it goes, first you hit the trash can button, and then that annoying message pops up like, ‘um, do you really wanna permanently delete these photos and files for absolute good???’, and then, you know, you don’t even read that message and just hit the big shiny blue ‘YESSS’ button to get it over and done with… and then, suddenly, they’re all gone and lost… forever.

And I deleted pretty much every picture on every post I’ve almost ever posted, and only now do I really realize they’ve ceased to exist in every post I’ve ever posted, and recently I noticed that every post I’ve ever posted has been wiped clean of all media completely…

And only now do I remember that I can’t get back what’s been lost because of that stupid little ‘permanent deletion’ message that I never actually remembered to read.

So, yes, I’d like to take this time to apologize for my mistakes… and inform everyone that any post older than ~April 15th, 2018 on my blog site will contain blank, question-marked pictures for the rest of eternity.

So, if you were planning on doing some late, last year reading around here… I’m sorry, you’re experience will be slightly ruined.

But, on a brighter note… I cleared up some data space!

And not many people go far back in blog archive time, anyway, right?

Well, that’s all for my dumb self today. Just an update.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Just a sidenote post…

  1. I was doing that for the longest time and couldn’t figure out why my life tires weren’t working on my posts until someone from WordPress told me you can’t delete them. I’ve started going through all my posts this week and I am working to fix them wherever I can but it’s a long process because I’ve been blogging for almost two years so that’s a lot of posts.

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