…It’s me.

So… who thought I died two months ago or was kidnapped and never found alive again?

Well, if you still remember who I am, hopefully you’re glad that I’m back from my first blogging break… and it was quite an experience, I think. There were tears… there were laughs… there were physical injuries… it was a lot, actually.

But, really, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to since the beginning of June, here’s a list with the approximate estimates of time spent on each in percentages.

  • Doing school work that I somewhat enjoyed ~ 5%
  • Doing school work that was so very annoying and made me scream into my pillow before starting it every morning ~ 73%
  • Watching The Office for my first time ever ~ 5%
  • Showering/Necessarily grooming myself ~ 3%
  • Eating either cookie dough ice cream or pizza rolls ~2%
  • Distracting myself from doing the school work I hated ~7%

Hm… does that add up to 100? I know no one wants to actually count, so I’ll just tell you now- it doesn’t. That’s because I “forgot” to add…

  • Writing my next new novel! ~ 5%

Oh, yes… I’ve been working long and hard on this one. And also… very differently than with any of my other books. And, actually, I’m getting into the finishing stages! As of writing this post, I am one scene away from finishing my draft, and by the time I actually commit to positing this, I’ll probably be deep in rolling on my first round of edits.

So… I won’t reveal much else about that book just yet, but expect a lot of posts coming soon about the topic. I need something to write about now that I’m off my break, anyway. Which reminds me…

I’ve been thinking of making some changes to my site/blog. Not, like, major or anything, but I wanna refocus my posts and maybe change the layouts. Also, I don’t really wanna make my blog all overly-promotional or anything… but I do want to make more posts about my books and my work than I have before. It’s all just ideas floating around in my skull right now, though, so don’t feel like this blog is totally going to turn unrecognizable in another month and you’ll get lost or left behind in the process, because I promise that won’t happen.

So, now that I’m back, and since I’m on a month-long break from school… I better get writing some more posts. I don’t really remember how much I kept up with posts in the past, but I might have to slow it down a bit or make them shorter so I can still keep them going when I start school back up again. Leave me some ideas for writing or blog prompts in the comments if you wanna help me out!

Well… now… I should probably get on that.

I’m glad to be back and hopeful that you’re glad I’m back, too!


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