Movin’ Week

Yay! It’s finally time for me to haul all my junk from one cramped and crippled house to another!


(But pretend that gif says ‘week’… haha.)

So, this is how my packing/moving week has been going so far.

  • First, one close member of my family (won’t tell ya’ll who… even though it probably doesn’t matter… okay, fine, it was my dad.) was a victim of theft over the weekend. Not, like, identity theft… well, in a way, kind of, but mostly physical theft. And that’s all a different story anyway.
  • Second, I did happen to finish my next novel’s draft… but then I realized I had made a slightly important mathematical error when calculating… how long, I guess you could say, my book was supposed to be. And that’s an even longer story (haha…) all in itself.
  • Third, the family/my parent’s dog came down with a nasty bout of diarrhea this week, and the poor thing just about covered all the floors in the house with it before she started internally bleeding and someone finally took her to the vet to have it checked out. (She’s fine now, though, I swear, don’t worry.)
  • Fourth… I got shampoo in my eyeball last night and it burned for hours until my vision got so blurry I just went to bed and slept it off.
  • And fifth… well, there’s no fifth thing just yet, but I’m sure one is soon to come.

And, all the while, I haven’t even started packing because I’ve been so distracted by all the above. And, when I’m not distracted by those certain things… I make sure I find something else to distract me until the next one comes up.

I really try not to be a procrastinator, I do… but watching The Office (another tool to distract myself from the lesser things) has gotten Michael Scott’s attitude rubbing off on me.

Now I just hope I scrounge up the energy needed to pack like a hurricane before Saturday morning…

Wish me luck homedogs!

-iKari 💼

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