My homeboy did it again…

Yes, I’ve been waiting a long time for this one.


As you may or may not know, the legendary Drake just dropped his “fifth studio album” late July… and I made sure to preorder the CD the day before it released (on CD… I know it was on iTunes and everything earlier, but I’m stubborn and refuse to actually buy music unless I can physically hold it in my palms; plus, my car is gettin’ pretty old and I don’t have an aux input on the radio so CD-roms are my only option anyway). Also, this is a double album… so, it’s basically like two in one.

And now… the point of all this.

It’s not just because am I not-so-secretly a huge Drake fan myself that I’m making a post about this new album, but actually mostly because I foreshadowed the release of it in my most recently released book.

Or… in the acknowledgements of my most recently released book.

(From What Now, Emma Lenford? …)

Secondly, I’d like to throw a shout-out to my boy Drizzy Drake; More Life definitely gave me the more life I needed to get the ball rollin’ on this thing… and persevere enough to finish it, too. I do have one stipulation, though… I’m not releasing my sequel until you release your next mixtape, and I just want everyone to know that because, before everyone gets on my back (ahem, dad…) like ‘when’s the next one coming out, when’s the next one coming out???!!!’, everyone has to understand that physically cannot write without my Drake playlists.

Thank you for your understanding on that… if you do understand, I guess, and, if you don’t, then I’ll lie to myself and say you do because I don’t know how to explain that any other way.

So, there you have it… I guess I’ve now given myself permission to release the Emma Lenford sequel!

…Even if I haven’t even exactly started it yet…

But, since Drizzy Drake did drop a double album… I feel like I now need to drop two more books in the bucket to keep up.

…Which I’m actually planning to do.

But, really, that’s all I have to say for now! Other than… I really look forward to publishing my next novel (which is not actually Emma-related…), and then starting on my next one (which will be very Emma-related!) with this lengthy playlist in-hand.

-iKari 🎧

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