Week 1 of my nanny diaries… complete.

Well, I normally don’t like to make posts about my personal life that doesn’t involve writing or the blogging itself, but… I feel like that’s slowly changing, and I’ve already posted about my nannying before, so I feel like this post is pretty justified.

A few points to mention of what I’ve discovered as my first week of a family live-in nanny.

  1. The bruises on my legs will never stop coming.
  2. Young brothers will never stop fighting.
  3. I will never sleep past 7:30 again.
  4. Picky eaters will be picky eaters.
  5. Being a nanny is hard.

Well, those are the main ones.

But, really, my first week will probably be the hardest, as I have two little boys to watch after every day and this week it will lower to just one when the 1st grader starts school again. And then, one-on-one with a 4 year old, it will (hopefully) be a breeze.

So, I guess, along with all of this… I’ll include some pics of my first week as auntie nanny! Because… this is my blog and I can do and post whatever I want.


(At the library…)


(At a birthday party…)


(With the Spiderman puzzle we bought that they were so proud of completing…)


(And, lastly… in my car, haha.)

So, that’s just a few things I wanted to share about my nanny experience so far. To anyone who has children of their own or who spend a hefty amount of time around children at all… you understand the ups and downs that come with taking care of kids. To those who feel like they could pursue being a nanny themselves… I encourage you to do so, so long as you have a flexible and relaxed attitude (because that’s the one thing I’m been super grateful to have  in my personality this past week)!

Now, with one nephew climbing over my face as I finish up this post… wish me luck with this week and the next in my journey of being a bambinaia!


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