And the countdown continues with… 2!


So… let’s keep this party goin’!

Friday, August 24th, 2018, my third full-length novel will be released! And… it’s not just like I picked some random date to publish it on… Secrets revealed– every book I publish, I publish it on a special date.

So, my very first novel was put up in ebook form on March 12th, 2017… the very Sunday before I turned 19. Really, though, I was planning on releasing on my 19th birthday… but then I changed my mind because I wanted to be able to say someday in the future (like today, I guess… because it’ll probably never come up again) that I “started” my writing career “at just 18 years old!!!”.

Now that I’m seeing that logic in written form, I realize how stuck-up of me it sounds.

But, anyway, that special little lengthy book was called Cartoon! And then… almost a full year later, my sophomore novel dropped it like it was hot.

What Now, Emma Lenford?, the first in a new comedic youth series by… um, me, was released on February 11th of this year (2018). And that one… was dropped on my eldest niece’s birthday! (Also on a Sunday because I always feel like Sundays are the best days to do those sorts of things…)

Oh, nostalgia…

Now, this upcoming book that I’m still shaking with excitement to put in the virtual hands of y’all… will be released on, not a Sunday, but on one of my sweet nephew’s second birthday!

Ahem… happy birthday Crew!

And now, for the second part of this post, since I feel like nobody probably thoroughly read or throughly cared about that first part, let me reveal a little insight as to what this book is actually about.

In Between Full

In Between is much, much different than anything else I’ve ever written before. My last two books were comedic action-adventures, and this book… well, it’s definitely not a comedy.

I want to wait until tomorrow to give a full, in-depth description of what you’ll be getting into when you get into this thing, but for now, I can give a few clues…

If I had to pick some specific categories of genre to place this piece of work in, I would probably choose things like… drama, paranormal, and, well, young adult fiction. By paranormal fiction, though, I don’t mean, like, UFOs flying ’round and demons possessing people like it’s Paranormal Activity 22. And I really don’t mean the scary/horror type of paranormal, either… I guess it shares a lot more characteristics with Casper than The Grudge.

If all that confuses you like there’s no possible further description to save you tomorrow, then just ignore it and focus on what I’m going to say next.

This book is considered young adult fiction (since the main character is 17 years old, though it’s not like that bans anyone no longer a “young” adult from picking it up), and it is very dramatic/drama-oriented. There’s a lot of ups and downs, and even more pulling on the heart strings… this book will make you cry. And, if you don’t even tear up once through reading the whole thing (like me… haha…), then, I’m sorry to say, you really do not have a heart.

And… I’ll reveal a little more and clear the fog around the e-pages of In Between tomorrow.

HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!


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