And the countdown ENDS with… 1!!!


In Between Full




Oh, gosh… where should we even take this post today? Bonus fun facts? Short manuscript excerpts? Or… the official book description?

Oh, yes, today is the day y’all will finally (maybe) figure out what this lil’ piece of work is really about…

And why this whole ‘countdown’ idea was actually a clue hidden in plain sight the whole time.

But, really, all you fellow authors and non-fiction book writers alike know how terribly awful coming up with that one paragraph hook can be. It’s just… probably, I think, the worst part of the process. I even feel like plotting and editing and, actually, overcoming writers’ block is easier to do.

It’s like, the whole thing of over 70,000 words condensed into a few lines? Why is that even a thing?

But, anyway, I nipped my complaining enough to churn out somewhat of a good book description. Keep in mind, though, that I have and probably always will write my book descriptions a certain way… probably very differently than most traditional routes sound. I mean, the whole “[insert character first and last name here] is an average teen with an average life… that is, until [plot twist 1, 2, and 3] completely changed everything!” is just not my cup of chai tea. Besides, I once heard and gave the advice, “look at it like it’s an book advertisement, not a book summary.”

But, with all my stalling and rambling coming to a halt right now… here’s the “official” book description of In Between by me, Kari Lynn M!

67 days. That’s all I have. People keep coming here, asking the girl in that bed to wake up. But I’m not her, not anymore. I need to go, but I can’t leave, and there’s only one way out. I don’t want to be left here, in between.

And… now, here we go.

Officially one day left.

In Between drops the virtual shelves tomorrow… don’t miss it!

-iKari ❤

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