Oh, good lord, that felt like the longest one and half weeks of my life…

And these keys I’m typing on right now sound so good… and feel so nice…

So, now, back to work, I guess. I’m almost unsure of what to do first now… I mean, of course, other than this post. It seems like a lot has piled up while it’s been gone. Not really in the mood to do any of it right now, though.


I guess I can start with assuring you all that I’ll be getting back on posting some actual content this week and the next. As you probably don’t remember, I released my new book over two weeks ago, and I haven’t had the chance to talk much about it yet, so that’ll be first up on the blog agenda. Also, though, there’s quite a bit that’s accumulated on the school agenda, work agenda, and even new writing agenda… so, don’t expect an overload of posts too awful soon.

But, do expect something!

And that concludes this quick update post.

Now, if you would please excuse me, I need to go wax the neighbor’s dog’s teeth!


(But not really.)



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