THE Ultimate Link Compilation List!


I know, I had to draw you in with something. But, seriously, give me a chance and don’t back out just yet.

My third book, In Between, was released on August 24th, and it is now available on, really, just about every online book retailer out there. However, even I don’t know exactly where all it can be found, so I’m just here to link you out to each one that I do know it exists on!

Check below and see if you can find In Between on your favorite retailer!

We’ve got…

And possibly more if you search for it by “In Between by Kari Lynn M”!

67 days. That’s all I have. People keep coming here, asking the girl in that bed to wake up. But I’m not her, not anymore. I need to go, but I can’t leave, and there’s only one way out. I don’t want to be left here, in between.In Between Full

Don’t be afraid to download today!


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