Can you believe this… because I sure can’t. 

So, I posted about this over on my ‘gram the other day and, yeah, I completely forgot I had a blog that would probably like hearing about it as well… but, then I remembered, and now I’m here to share a HUGE piece of news with y’all!!!

Are you ready for this?

Well, I counted up all of my book downloads for the past two months… like, all of them, all together. And now I happy to announce… that all of my book downloads, all together, have come to an all-time total of…

1 , 0 0 0 ! ! !



And, well, actually, as of today, we are well past the 1k mark, and the downloads are still a-goin’.

Again, can you believe this?!

And y’all should know that it’s all because of y’all. Like, I physically could not download my own books from 1,000+ different devices- not possible. But you made 1k downloads possible. You brought me here. And, seriously, I am so grateful for that, and I want y’all to know that I think about my readers and thank them, even if not out loud, every single day.

Without you, why would I even write?

And there’s the question of the day.

Thank you again so much, homedogs, and… see you back later this week… possibly with yet another announcement of something special- but this time very blog-related. 

Celebrate with me in the comments (if ya want)!

-iKari 🎉

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