The FINAL return… of The Quiet Diaries.

Hey, I’m back with that special blog-related surprise I mentioned after the celebration of 1k!

I’ve so been itching to get back into The Quiet Diaries, but I’ve been so focused on posting about my newest book that I haven’t been able to do any more ‘quiet’ posts. However… I think enough time has past and I’ve said about all I can for now about that certain new book, so the schedule is beginning to feel more open and accepting to another run of The Quiet Diaries.

Now, since it seems like it’s been so long (and it has) since we’ve seen the posts of the good ol’ diaries, we probably need a recap. So, in general, for those who don’t remember, here’s what “The Quiet Diaries” is.

The Quiet Diaries

The Quiet Diaries is composed of two-liner poems, one posted every few days. During the course of posting ‘the diaries’, no other posts will be made, hence the quiet aspect of it; no other noise will be present on the blog during that time. In addition, each poem is meant to almost sound quiet, as if it should be whispered or solely read silently. And, finally, the poems themselves, generally, are meant to reveal something, or be thought-provoking, though still kept short and simple. 

And there you have it, folks… probably the best darnedest description I’ve ever written for anything.

Now, as you could likely see in this post’s title… I am planning on making this the final run for The Quiet Diaries.


Yeah, well, nothing good can last forever, and I just feel like… the time is right for the end, or something like that.

So, let’s see here…

We ended back in May with Entry 31, right before I took that lil’ blog break. So, now, we’re gonna have to start back up with numero 32… and then, well, I think we’ll finish out with a strong number, probably 50.

So, so, so… the final run will go from 32-50.

Just like the final score of some football game from last weekend.


Okay, guys, I’ve rambled on long enough… it’s time to buckle up and get ready.

The final return of The Quiet Diaries begins… October 14th. 


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