Okay, guys, sorry for the late post this week, but I’ve been sick. Again. Of course.

Now, I saw this in a book I was reading for my creative writing class… and then I was like, hey, I do that, too, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. I mean, clearly I’m not, because the book was written by some woman in the late 90s that did it, too, so that makes at least two of us.

Now, y’all are probably like… WHAT’S THE THING, WHAT IS THE THING? Well, if you couldn’t guess from the blog title, here it is.

The thing is… writing absolutely everything down that comes to your mind and pertains even just a little to writing. 

For example, story ideas. That’s a big one, and it’s something I’m sure a lot of writers keep those ones in their notepads. But then there’s also the little things, like… a line of dialogue you hear coming from a furious mom at one of her kids at the grocery store. And you write that down because you’re like… well, that could spark something similar in my mind later. Or, maybe, you just felt like it was something you wanted to remember next time you’re at a PTA meeting trying to remember how much you love your own kids.

There’s all these little things, though, that come to me, at least, and I write them down. Now, I usually use the digital notepad on my smartphone, and the lady writing the 90s book clearly didn’t have that technology available, so she kept index cards in all of her jean pockets all the time. Either way you do it, though, you still do it… don’t you? Like… I’m not the only one, I mean, two?

Now, I wanna know, do you guys write any and everything down like this? If so, what, exactly, do you choose to write down? And, maybe more importantly, do your notes actually affect your writing later on?

For example, the last thing I wrote down was the line “chubby bunny cheeks full of peeps”. Will I ever use this line in any of my writings, I don’t know, but there’s the possibility that I could. And like I would have the energy to remember it if I hadn’t written in down.

Let me know if you do this, too, guys, and, more specifically, how!


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