Well, this is exciting…!

Okay, homedogs, I know I said something new and fresh was coming this week… well, I think I did… anyway, there still is, but something else has been uncovered that I just have to share with y’all!

Remember my very first book, Cartoon? Probably not, but guess what?

It’s one of the top downloaded free teen fiction books on Smashwords! 

Even though, yeah, maybe this isn’t a big thing… I mean, I’m not a NY Times bestseller (yet) or anything, but… it feels big enough for me!

Look, you guys, I even have proof.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 9.37.14 PM

That’s me, 4 down from the left!

You might have to scroll a little way to get to me, depending on what filters you have selected… But, if you wanna see my rank for yourself, the quickest way to find me is through searching all young adult/teen fiction, free books over 100k words!

Okay, now that really is all for today… I just had to tell someone. And who better than all my friends/comrades here on the internet?

Check back later this week for a type of… announcement… which you may or may not be more excited about than this!

Later, homedogs!


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