Willy the Worm… HATCHED!

Okay, you guys, this isn’t the big surprise I had coming this week… but it is a sweet lil’ surprise, right?

Remember Willy the Worm? Well, now he has been officially promoted to Willy… the MOTH!

Look, here he is!


Such a cutie.

And, weirdest thing about him breaking out of his cocoon… I literally had a dream about him hatching out last night. And then he did hatch… last night.

Can we promote me to Kari the Psychic now?

We seriously had a great connection, Willy and I. It seems that with no mouth as a moth, though, the rest of his days are numbered. Literally, to about 3. So, I shall set him free to the wild this evening… and he will hopefully find a mate and replenish the cycle of Willy worms/moths once more.

Oh, the places you will go, Willy. I wish you only the best of luck on your journey from here until you fly to that special little place in the sky…


P.S… I know, I keep moving that one “announcement” back… but, how about I promise for it to come, like, tomorrow night, okay?

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