So, I started a running list of things I want to do when I become an A-list celebrity…

…to keep myself sane while I finish my new audiobook.

Yes, folks, you read it right. I started this list as a joke, honestly, but now I’m getting deeper and deeper into it and it’s suddenly becoming very real goals.

It all started when I watched TV one day and saw… you know, famous people being famous people. And I go… wow, wouldn’t being invited to the red carpet event at the 25th Annual Famous People Who Do Famous Stuff Awards be the ultimate goal for anyone?

So, I started a list in the middle of audio recording one day. And now it’s my favorite recording break pastime. Because, trust me, this audiobook isn’t coming together so easily…

(Extra emphasis on the link for audiobook!)

Anyway, just for laughs, here’s a few things I’ve added to my long-term goal list.

  • Get my voice in the background of a hit hip-hop or rap track.
  • Host SNL. More than once.
  • Design my own personally branded shoe label.
  • Become an ambassador for a controversial/scandal-related brand.
  • Have at least 3 Wikipedia pages dedicated, somehow, to me.
  • Be an interviewed “expert” on some type of documentary.
  • Date Drake.

I have a much longer list in my notebook, but these are the most sharable points. I have yet to cross anything off the list… but, ya know, I’m getting pretty close to achieving that last one.

Let me know what your future celebrity goals are/will be!


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