Am I leaving TV behind?

Hey, guys! Might I say that this new website is looking… oh-so-new-and-clean-and-fresh?

Anyway, let’s get right to today’s blog “topic”.

So, recently, I’ve noticed a type of… lifestyle change, I guess, in my own… well, life.

I don’t watch TV anymore. 

Not, like, not at all… but almost like not at all.

I guess I feel like I should feel… I don’t know, maybe bad or annoyed that I don’t watch things very much these days, but honestly, I’ve been too busy to even notice the change until, well, now. And that’s the reason I’m had this change, too–I’m just too busy to just sit and watch TV.

It feels abnormal. Like, these days watching television (or Netflix on an iPad or whatever) is such a normal human experience, something a lot of us do so often, and now that I’m not sharing that experience with everyone else… it just feels so wrong.

Maybe not watching TV is more normal than I think it is, though. Maybe I’m just around people who I know watch it a lot, and so I’m generalizing that the whole world population watches it a lot, too. Maybe I need some statistical survey data. Or, maybe I’m overthinking this whole thing to begin with.

Again, though, it’s not like I never watch TV. I do, it’s just that it’s… not regular. Maybe I’ll watch one show (the 30 minute kind, minus the commercials) a day, sometimes… barely even once a week. And movies? Good lord, that’s rarer as the months go by.

Now, the more and more I go without the time to watch stuff on the tube, the pickier I am about what I do choose to watch. Like, I’m not wasting time on a British documentary about how toilet seats are made. I’m gonna watch what I want to watch with my small window of free time, and even then, if I don’t find anything that interests me, I’m going to use my time for something more productive. Like… 30 extra minutes of sleep!

I’m also learning that, at least these days, I’m becoming more and more resistant to sitting still for long periods of time. AKA, when I try to force myself in front of a flat screen for 120 minutes straight to watch anything other than Star Wars. Like I said, I’m picky about how I spend my time, and I get antsy really quick if that time isn’t going… well for me.

Is anybody else like this? Or… just me?

I don’t think not watching TV is necessarily a bad thing… but, you know, it does still feel wrong. And I used to enjoy watching shows and movies and stuff… so, this is a big change for me, and I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

I guess I just don’t want to be left out of the “shared human experience”.

Again… anybody else? 


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