Inspiration… that tricky lil’ devil


It always comes at the wrong times. Or the inconvenient times. Well, maybe neither the wrong nor inconvenient times… but just not the right times.

And you all know what I mean. Whether you want to admit it or not. You do.

So, obviously (or maybe not, actually…), I’ve had this kind of burst of inspiration lately. As in, like the past 3 weeks or so. And it just seemed to come out of nowhere, from the bleak darkness it had been stuck in for so long, just… randomly!

Or, so I thought.

Well, I’ve tried to pinpoint every single thing I’ve been doing differently in every aspect of my life these past few week, you know, to try and pinpoint what exactly in what aspect of my life triggers such inspirational processes. However, turns out, I couldn’t pinpoint that one thing exactly… because it’s all of the things.

Literally, everything.

My daily life and schedule has changed, actually, daily the past few weeks or so. No two days have gone the same; there is no pattern.

So, now I’m thinking… maybe a totally unreliable, inconsistent and often stressful daily schedule is the actual key to creative inspiration. Like, “consistency is key”? Pff, never.

But, then again, who can keep up with the daily, crazy schedules for… ever? I know I want to try, but it’s not gonna last. All good things come to end, I guess…

But, then again, again, I could be completely wrong on all this to begin with. Maybe my daily timetable has nothing to do with my daily feelings of sudden inspiration.

Also, on the other hand, if I have no set schedule in place, then I have no set time to actually use that inspiration each day. Like I said, it’s pretty unreliable, and the inspiration only does you so much good if you can’t work with it.

Either way, though, I’m trying to figure this all out and utilize it to the maximum potential I can get it to right now.

Please, everyone, let me know how you get inspiration… and if I’m crazy for thinking being crazy makes it happen!


One thought on “Inspiration… that tricky lil’ devil

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