Working on a new book… or TWO…

Ohmygoodnessgracious… Inspiration, that tricky lil’ devil, has struck again.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 2.47.38 PM

Now, not only am I hard at work on (ahem, FINISHING!) that audiobook, I am also getting back into the actual groove of writin’ and typin’!

And, I mean, two is always better than one… right???

So, I want to make this into a sort of unofficial announcement…

For one, I am starting a new story that is a bit different than anything I’ve worked on before (but anything different is new and anything new can be pretty exciting!), and I’m not sure what will come of it quite yet. Maybe it’ll turn into a big ol’ classic lengthy novel, or maybe just a thinner novella or even short story. Or, possibly, it won’t turn into much of anything that I’ll even wanna publish at all. You guys know how that goes, though, right? 

SECONDLY, and probably a tad more importantly, I am more officially working on the SECOND book of my “Emma Lenford” series… and the working title right now is… um… Emma Lenford… #2…. I guess.

I’ve also been sneakily posting my progress with it on my Twitter! You know… “9,296 words.”… “11,428 words.”… Yeah, that’s all Emma Lenford.

So, needless to say, I’m making a lot of progress in my new-ish projects, and I’m pretty pumped about it! I’m also really looking forward to that special point in time where I get to share some of it with you all… but, that might still be a while away.

Let’s look forward to that goal, together, though!

And, also… I’m thinking of posting another surprise mini blog project… next week?

We’ll see.

I feel like I’m all over the place right now, guys, sorry.

Lastly, though, just remember that the audio IS STILL coming… and that I don’t have a date set for that to go up, so I’ll just probably set a big announcement up here the day-of!

So, let’s look forward to that, together, too!

Now, back to work…


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