More audio updates: UPLOADED

GUYSSSS… Cartoon, the audiobook, has officially been uploaded!

It’s actually been uploaded since Sunday night. But… I was kind of waiting to get some live retailer links to show you before I made the big announcement… but… it also seems that it’s not actually published live on any retailers yet, so…

Well, anyway, I’m ready to breathe and finally celebrate, so why don’t we just do that?


(Gina Rodriguez image taken from Giphy.) 

Oh, and did I get the chance yet to show you guys… THE OFFICIAL AUDIOBOOK COVER?


It’s that, yep. Big and bold, I know.

Now, you guys know I worked so very… very hard on this thing the past… oh my gosh, 8 MONTHS?!

Needless to say, it feels very strange to me that this is all, well, done. It’s like I need something else now to fill in the extra nine hour partially freed space of my day…

Which is why, maybe, I guess, since I’m pretty much just throwing everything else out there to make myself feel better while we wait on retailer links… I’ll just go oh ahead and tell y’all this, too.

I’m already planning the next audiobook!

Guess which one it’s gonna be?

There’s literally only 2 options to pick from, haha.

But, maybe I should make you at least wait for me to spill the beans on that…

Actually, yeah, I’m gonna make you wait for that full announcement, too. Because we can’t go runnin’ off to the next one just quite yet… let’s not steal Cartoon’s thunder too prematurely!

Also, I really do still need to catch my breath before I start this whole 8 month ordeal over again.

Let me have my moment of work relief first, guys!

But, really, be on the lookout with me for those officially published links later this… well, hopefully, this week!


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