Art Piece of This Week… It’s 11!

It’s also a new one!

So, pretty recently, my family and I took a mini-vacation to… (drum roll it)… Michigan.

Yup. A two hour drive from our home(s). Michigan.

But, okay, Michigan can actually be really pretty, I mean, if you look at it right.

So, we took a lil’ trip to the shore of Lake Michigan, and we found this cute tiny beach called Wako Beach… and it may or may So, probably) not show up on Google Maps. But, I walked this sweet lil’ trail through this woods, up over this giant hill, and then onto this long boardwalk overlooking the grand Lake itself. And I took so many shots along the way because… well, I was like, hey, guys, these could make for some really great paintings!

And this one really did.

I call this piece “Wako Walk” !

…Because I was walking along Wako, haha.

So, this picture shows just one of the few staircases that lead from the boardwalk down to the water. What was weird, though, was at the exact moment when I crossed this point, my phone would switch timezones. And when I walked back up, it would change at the exact same spot. If you look on a timezone map, though, I was not even close to the line between EST and CST.

I walked this boardwalk a few different times with a few different family members, and one day I got to spend the morning with my nephews in the water! It was annoyingly hot and super sunny without any shade on the shore, but we got some flavored ice cups and still had a good time.

So, everyone, this piece is now one up for sale on my Etsy page!

It’s slightly larger than I usually do (12 by 14 inches) and on wood rather than regular canvas. The wood can get kind of annoying to work with in larger sections, but I chose it specifically for this piece so that the boarder could match the boardwalk in the picture!

So, again, find this one on my Etsy, and get it and everything else 15% off with code BLOG15!

As always, let me know what you thought/think!


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