This is so exciting…


Cartoon, the audiobook, has arrived… in a few online retailers!


Now, I really wanted to make one big official post for this announcement thing… but, now it’s just kind of drawing out over a 2-3 week period, so I’m just gonna roll with it.

Are you ready to roll with me?

Publishing an audiobook, I’m learning, is a different experience than publishing an ebook. Not too awful different, but I’m having a real adjustment with my patience right now, as the audio seems to be taking longer than expected to get from my publishing site to the actual retail sites.

But, I still got a few links for you guys!!!

Since I can’t wait any longer to get my audio in the hands of all you lovely people, I’ll share just what I have for now, and then I’ll update you (hopefully next week) with the rest of ’em.

This… is… happening! 

Here are a few major retailers that you can find my brand new audiobook, Cartoon, written and narrated by me, Kari Lynn M…

We have:

Rakuten Kobo 


Google Play


And, like I mentioned, more are on the way! This list will very hopefully expand soon to include the likes of Audible, Apple, and Barnes and Noble!

I’m so seriously super pumped for this, guys.

hope you all are, too!

(But you don’t have to tell me if you’re not.)



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