Here’sss Art Piece of the Week… #15!

It’sss another fisssh!

(But also my first Koi!)


So, I got this mini tin bucket-thing at Walmart a few weeks back, and I was like, you know, that would look real cool if a fish were in there!

So, you guys know what I did, right?

Another resin fish painting!


I think the tin thing actually said “perfect place to store your keys!” on it… but that’s kind of odd, now that I think about it. I mean, it was in the crafts aisle, so it wasn’t exactly advertised for crafting.


Well, anyway, I can say that this koi’s face was a bit of a challenge for me. I mean, those eyes… I repainted them at least 5x over. They just felt like alien eyes to me the whole time. But, I was literally copying off a photo the whole time, so I guess maybe koi fish just naturally have big alien eyes.

Oh, and I named it “One Fish, Tin Fish”. You know, like the Dr. Seuss book? Eh, I thought it was clever… but I always think I’m clever. 

So, after all the rework that had to be done with this one, I’ll say it wasn’t exactly my favorite… but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be yours!

And, if your interested, this piece is up for sale on my Etsy site! Get 15% off this and/or anything else on my shop there with coupon code BLOG15.

And so, please, everyone, let me know what you think/thought of my tiny tin, alien-eyed koi fish!


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