I got some fall-themed writing prompts for ya!

I came up with all of them, so… hopefully they aren’t too bad!

So, need some inspo to get the creative works workin’ this season? I got you.

Here’s a list of fall-themed writing prompts (Halloween and Thanksgiving included)!

  • It’s not children of the corn this season. It’s children of the soybeans.
  • Your uncle Jack always brings unorthodox dishes to Thanksgiving dinner. This year, though, he has the weirdest one you’ve seen yet.
  • What is the longest spell a witch has ever memorized?
  • You visited the haunted hayride hangout with a couple of friends last night. Turns out, though, that a few guys dressed in orange jumpsuits there weren’t just in costume. They were actual escaped prisoners.
  • There’s lots of autumn leaf piles in the backyard. It would be a waste to let them lay. You should use them to flavor someone else’s drink!
  • ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the neighborhood… Wait, are your arch-nemesis neighbors having a block party without you?
  • One of the trick or treaters came to your door acting very nervous. And then, after you gave her a bag of candy corn, she turned and ran to put it in the candy sack of an older gentleman dressed in a ski mask.
  • Black Friday never goes smoothly. But, this year around, it seemed to go pretty well… until small business Saturday came around and you got into a brawl with an aggressive old woman over the last lavender candle on sale.
  • Someone left a heap of Thanksgiving leftovers in the break room fridge at work with a note that says “free for all”! But… wait, why does that pumpkin pie look like…

Now that October is officially on and going, I hope the weather cools down enough for us to get into the fall spirit! And, of course, hunker us down behind our laptop screens until next spring.

As always, let me know what you thought/think of my original prompts! And definitely send me a link or copy of any writing you do in response.


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