Two 5-word stories… or one?

Me trying to blog this week… is rough, I’ll tell ya.

But, after staring at the blinking type cursor for twenty minutes while daydreaming about my next gas station celebrity encounter, something quite magical happened…

I typed five words. 

But then I kept deleting and re-typing them.

But then… I wrote them twice! And then… I put a horizontal separation line between them! Also, then I called it a complete blog post!

And so, here we have it. Two nearly identical five-word stories. It’s like playing spot the difference with Skylock Fox in the Sunday comics trying to compare them.

So, read these “two” 5-word stories I came up with… and then tell me, seriously, are they really two different stories?

He never knew.

Me, neither.

He never knew me, either.

Just 1 period, slight capitalization, and letter change difference.

So, tell me, people.

Are these two 5-word stories… Or one?


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