The 19th Art Piece of the Week!

Hey guys, let’s go back to my roots for a minute.

Well, the roots of my 3D resin paintings.

This is the very first resin piece I ever did! Aptly, I named it “The First Fish”. I wonder why…

Now, since this was the absolute first resin piece I did, I ended up using that stinky toxic polyester resin instead of the commonplace (but slightly more expensive) epoxy resin.

Eh, I wore a gas mask and goggles when I mixed it, so I don’t think I’ve got any dangerous lasting effects from it.

(Also, don’t worry, it’s dry now so totally safe to touch/breathe around.)

For my first piece, though, I think this turned out very good! I started to follow a youtube video of someone doing one of these resin fish things (don’t ask who the youtuber is/was because I don’t remember), but after a minute I got a better hold on it and just went off to do my own thing with it.

I used the fancy lil’ box that was just laying around the house for this. It was tiny, cute, and decorative… perfect to paint a fake fish in!

Now, I was gonna just keep my first fish to myself forever and ever… but, now I’ve just got so many piling up that I think it could look better in someone else’s home.

Therefore, I’m now putting this piece up for sale on my Etsy page! Because it’s smaller than some of my other fish pieces, it’s currently listed for just 20 bucks USD! And, you can get 15% off of that even with coupon code BLOG15!

Ah, looking at this acrylic layered resin fish is making me nostalgic…

Check it out on my Etsy shop and let me know what think/thought of my first 3D resin fish!


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