Dialogue prompts for ya!

So, I had a pretty good time writing up my fall-themed writing prompts the other week… and I thought, hey, why not do some more general ones that don’t necessary deal with a specific season or holiday time?

You know, that way, if you actually secretly hate autumn and all the things that come with it, like pumpkin spice tequila and all the “sexy” labeled women’s Halloween costumes, then you can still write a prompt response without making yourself sick!

I mean, writing about crunchy leaves and the smell of burning turkey can really set some people off.

But, anyway, fall-haters—there’s no need to be nauseous today!

Because I’ve got some quick and (hopefully) fun dialogue prompts for ya!

  • “That’s right, I’m going to be the first patient to receive a tonsil transplant, and I’ve chosen you to be my donor!”
  • “You know, there is one upside to the sun setting by nine…”
  • “Yeah, Becky told me that she quit smoking last summer, but when I drove by her house earlier, there was plenty of smoke coming out of all the windows!”
  • “I’m sorry, sir, but we haven’t sold that kind of floppy disc here since 1809.”
  • “You mean you’re not Gordon Ramsey… anymore?
  • “I hate to break it up here, you guys, but a park is a public space, and your PDA is probably making everyone else uncomfortable right now.”
  • “Well, you certainly didn’t have to one-up me like some didgeridoo-gooder.”
  • “I’m sorry, but I just have to tell you… Whew, okay. Your apartment smells like a morbituary filled with the bodies of members from a 70s cult who all died from extreme carpet burn.”

And… I have gifted you all with season-neutral dialogue writing prompts that I am leaving completely free for you to use.

Of course, though, be sure to let me know if write anything off of these, as I’d love to read your responses!

Until more random prompts pop in my head and burn to be typed by my sometimes trembly fingertips…


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