Art Piece(s) of the Week #20!

Hey guys!

To celebrate our 20th straight week of art-ing it up around here… let’s show a few different pieces!

Prepare to ‘awe!’ so hard.


This first painting is one I did for my brother/sister-in-law/nieces after their dog, unfortunately, passed away from illness. It was upsetting to hear about, but, it gave me the idea to do a little something to cheer them up a bit. So, this was the first “pet portrait” I ever did, and I mailed it to them as a surprise gift about a month afterward.

I was so pleased with how this piece turned out, though, that after that… I was like, hey, I could do some more cute pets!

The second pup I did was of my sister’s poodle, who I was living with at the time. He is such a sweetheart, but he always does this thing where he paws at your face when he wants petted, so I took a few different reference pictures of him and added his paw in on a tabletop, because that just reflected on his personality so much!


Next, I figured, I could use a cat, so I did one for my other sister.


I like the watermelon colors in that one. Not that her cat is super colorful… but she is a little bipolar!

Lastly, I did one for my parents. This is the one I usually use as an example to show people who want me to paint a pet for them, so I’ll show you the “from photo” … “to painting” pictures, too!

Now, for those of you who are wondering… yes, I am offering pet portraits to the public, now!

The process is pretty easy. If you are interested in getting a custom portrait of your own, check out my Etsy for more info. All I need is a clear reference picture to work off of, and as you can see in my example of Bella, I stay pretty true to photo, so be sure you send me the exact picture you want painted. Also, just like in that example, I can keep favorite toys or other objects in, if you’d like. I tend to pick the color(s) I think work best for the background, but if you have a specific color scheme you want me to work with, let me know that, too!

These portraits I’ve show you today are of my standard 9×12 inch framed canvas papers, which I normally recommend for customers with just one pet. However, I do accept special requests for multiple pets in one picture, or for larger canvases of one pet, too! Contact me directly on Etsy for more info on that.

Now, for more of an “awe…” moment…

The only pet I have not yet done is my own, who passed away a little over a year ago. He was my best friend for over 16 years, since I was only 4 years old. I still get emotional thinking about him, and so I’m just not ready to paint him yet.

That’s why, though, I like to do these portraits for other people, especially for ones who have lost their pet. Pets really are our family, and we want to remember them like our best friends. So, if I can give someone a little memento of their lost family member, I feel like I’m giving them something really special.

And so, this one’s for you, Boo, my #1 homedog.

You will always be my Boo < 3


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