Audiobook production of Emma Lenford has officially begun!

Starting with the first chapter of What Now, Emma Lenford?, aptly named… ‘It’s Just Begun’.

Although the cover in that picture says “Feb. 18” on it, I’m not exactly sure this audiobook will be done by next February… February 2018 is just the original publication date of the ebook. But, now that I think about it, February 18th, 2020 would be a cool audiobook publish date!

Just don’t hold me to that deadline when I surely pass it…

Now, here’s the news, you guys!

I have… well, officially started audiobook production of my Emma Lenford series! And, I am (just like my last audiobook) going to be the narrator!

So far, this book is a lot of fun. It’s a humorous story, and I get to read these crazy funny scenes that I originally however many years ago and have since forgotten about. I also get to do some voice acting with a lot of different characters, and my main character (uh, Emma Lenford!) is such a fast-talking, sarcastic comedic genius.

I just finished my first rough recording of the first chapter last week, and now I’ll be starting chapter 2 this week. And then, of course, comes the dreadful editing process… but, for now, I’m just forget about what’s to come and just have fun recording without a care!

Now, this is not my first rodeo. It’s my… second!

And so, I feel like I have a lot better grasp on this whole “audiobook production” thing this time around. I know the process now, and I know how to get the finished product to sound like how I want it. I feel 20000x more prepared for, again, that editing black hole that’s soon to come.

Seriously, audiobook editing is the very definition of annoyingly tedious work.

But, with that said, I think I’ll be able to get this audiobook done quite faster compared to my first. Remember, Cartoon took me, like, millions of hours in 9 months to complete (and, yes, I know there’s not actually a million hours in 9 months… there’s 6570.01.), and, this time, I’m hoping to at least cut that time in half. Because, for one, this book is physically shorter than the last… and, second, I know how to avoid having to redo every chapter 3x over!

Oh, and also… did I tell you guys I made a semi-official recording studio?

It’s actually just a corner in my parents’ basement with an old spring mattress nailed to the ceiling and a bunch of stained pillows thumbtacked to the walls. It’s exactly what you see in the picture up there, but it’s a lot less glamorous when you take two steps back and move the mini string lights out of the way.

But, this mini recording space is already uping my recording game! There’s zero echo in my recordings and a lot less background noise from my roommates (AKA my parents) yelling at the TV.

Now, I just gotta keep myself on some type of schedule to get this next audiobook done. Which includes, yep, recording and editing… but, I will hold myself accountable for the fun and not so fun parts of production and promise you all that you will not have to wait 9-plus months for this one!

And, speaking/typing of which… I need to get back in the studio/basement now…

Let me know if you’re as exciting as I am for this!


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