Art Piece of the Week. 27.

I’ve just been feeling in a butterfly-ish mood lately… not sure why, because I’m really not ready for spring yet (said no one else in the history of ever), but I’ve just felt the ping of inspiration when it comes to painting these insects.

So, this week, let’s look at a butterfly!

Now, this is a piece that I made with resin (and paint–remember that is not a real bug in there!), so it’s layered and everything to look 3-dimensional in there. It’s like having one of those bugs in a shadow box thing, except it’s not gross and decaying!

I have done another resin butterfly similar to this one, and I covered it in another ‘Art Piece of the Week!’ post. However, that one was just blue and… kind of dull, you know, so I wanted to spice it up with some more color this time!

Which is why I aptly named this piece: “Over the Rainbow…”

I love this rainbow butterfly; it looks so pretty in the back of my closet right now…

But, if you love it more, I might just let you buy it off me via my Etsy shop! And, hey, you can always get 15% off anything you order from me there with the special coupon code BLOG15.

Until the next butterfly painting makes an appearance…


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