The 28th Art Piece of the Week!

Hey guys, get ready for some big, NEW paintings these next few weeks!

First up… a beautiful cityscape.

NYC, everybody!

I actually finished this painting last spring, but I was waiting around to get it framed before putting it up for sale on my Etsy. The canvas that I used is an odd size and it’s stapled on the sides, not the back as per usual, so it really needed a frame beforehand anyway.

Oh, and by the way, the frame it’s in is completely hand-made!

My dad got a new tool for making picture frames, and he’s always been into woodwork, so he started making fancy frames for all my paintings! This one I sprayed gray after he finished it.

I called this piece “I ❤ Brooklyn” because… well, it’s of a New York view from the Brooklyn bridge!

Now, of course, this piece is up for sale now on my Etsy shop, AND you can get 15% off all my Etsy pieces with coupon code BLOG15!

Check it out and let me know what you thought/think!


One thought on “The 28th Art Piece of the Week!

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