Art Piece of the Week 29!

It’s time for another big fancy painting!

So, over the holidays in December, I got a ton of blank canvases, most of them 16 by 20s (in inches). They’re a bit bigger than I’m used to, but my goal all January was to get some of them filled up, and so… I did!

I call this one “When the sun goes down…”, you know, after that one Kenny Chesney song.

We’ll be groovin’ when the sun goes down…

I believe the photo I used to paint this picture from was one I took last summer/fall in Brown County, Indiana (not too far from home). I’ll be honest and say I could be wrong and it could have been taken in Michigan, though, because I have so many pictures from last year all jumbled up in my phone and mind.

Eh, either way, I think it’s pretty pretty!

The frame for this one, just like last week’s piece, was made from scratch, and I painted it to have this antique-ish look with little dark ridges peeking through the white. It’s like something you’d find hanging in a classy old farmhouse! Or on Antique Roadshow on PBS…

You can check this piece out on my Etsy shop, where you can also get 15% off anything you purchase from me with coupon code BLOG15!

And let me know what you’ll be up to when the sun goes down!


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