The 33rd Art Piece of the Week!

You guys know I love the moon. Right?

Well, I love all things astronomy, but I’m starting to get a reputation for taking pictures of the Earth’s moon. See below for proof.

So, it’s only natural that I’d want to paint the moon as well. I mean, not physically go to the moon and paint on the surface, but, like, re-create a photo I’ve taken of the moon by hand!

And, if you guys haven’t figured by now, I did just that!

See below, again, for proof.

This one ain’t no photo.

Yep, I got creative with a moon painting.

(Oh, and then I framed it and put it on my Etsy site, where you can buy it, 15% off the listed price, with coupon code BLOG15!)

And, while we’re here, how about a big thank-you shout-out to all the regular blog readers?

Seriously, thank you guys so much for coming back to check in with me so often… and, quite frankly, giving me a reason and motivation to write!

Y’all are the best.


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