An “Emma Lenford” preview… with links!

Oh, guys, get ready for a sneaky-peek!

Because the second book in my Emma Lenford series, amazingly titled “What the Luck, Emma Lenford!”, comes out, ironically, on FRIDAY THE 13TH!

(Yeah, I totally arranged that date on purpose…)

Before we drop this great work of literature on the heads of the world, though… why don’t we get a little, like, preview? Because, right, Kari, why don’t we!

I hear you all. And so does Emma…

So, check out a snippet of one of my favorite scenes from “What the Luck, Emma Lenford!”.

“Oh, Emma,” Miranda began, placing a hand delicately over her (shockingly covered) chest. “You mean you don’t want to just come over for a quick chat?” 

“No,” I spat back, throwing my hand back down. “Because every time we do that, you end up harvesting either my blood or my pants, so…”

“But, Emma, dear…” she replied, stretching out a hand to touch the side of my face. “Your blood and pants were what got me out of jail early… I’m thankful to have you.”

I winced at the feeling of her hot fingertips. 

“Well, you’re welcome, but—” I leaned back from her hand. “You can just send a Hallmark thank-you greeting card in the mail for that. You already probably have my address on file, so—”

“I think it’s more personal in person,” she cut me off, and then looked over at the tall boy standing behind her shoulder. “Ronnie, get the juice.” 

I moved my eyes over to him while he pulled a backpack off of his shoulder and dropped to the floor behind a cluster of cardboard.

“What… What juice?” I questioned, leaning to the side in attempts to get a better view of him. “Like some Kool-Aid Jammers or…”

He then reached a hand holding a soaking wet white washcloth out to Miranda. 

“Or chloroform?” I finished, watching the cloth pass between the two. 

Miranda glanced back at me and smirked. 

“Oh, you’d wish it were chloroform…” she commented. 

I jumped back as she pushed the folded towel toward me. 

“Nah, no, no thank you,” I spat out, throwing my palms in front of myself. “Nope, no, no thanks.” 

She grabbed my hands with a tight grip and twisted them to the side. 

“I said nose goes first, though!” I resisted. 

She surged forward and pushed me into the corner behind my back. 

“Stella, please, um, help!” 

“I can’t, Emma, I’m…” I heard her more quietly reply and trail off. 

I then looked quickly over Miranda’s shoulder to see Ronnie grab both Stella and Kyle, then shove them toward the freezer door. 

“Oh, great,” I grumbled, right before Miranda smothered my face with the dripping cloth. 

I tried to grab her wrists and pull them back, but my struggle wasn’t really working.

“Miranda,” I muffled out under the towel. “Are you sure we can’t just work out a scheduled set of blood transfusions or something?” 

She pushed both her hands over my nose and mouth, her fingers outstretched over my eyes. 

“Or a couple of PayPal transactions? Or, you know, I have a couple of Arby’s coupons in my back pocket that you could just have…” 

I dropped my hands, then held them out in the air by my sides. 

“Nothing?” I continued. 

I dropped my hands to my thighs and sighed. 

And then dropped unconsciously to the ice-covered floor. 

And then, seemingly instantly after that, I shot my eyes open to witness Miranda hovering over my sprawled-out body, holding a tiny purple box in one hand and a long plastic, but empty, syringe in the other, all the while a glaring smile crossing her flashlight-lit face. 

I glanced quickly from her to the flickering lamp on the cement floor below my feet, and then to the otherwise darkened, empty, and damp-feeling room around us. 

“Hello again, Emma,” she greeted. 

I blinked back to her expression. 

“Hell—” I began

“I have a favor to ask of you,” she stopped me short. “But, before I do, I want you to know…” 

She stopped herself to let out a deeply-rooted chuckle, and then held her syringe closer to my eyes. 

“I’ve inseminated you with a cup of all the rejects from the sperm bank,” she said. 

Taken totally out of context, which makes even better, I think…

But, either way, I wanted to share this lil’ snippet so you guys could get pumped for Emma Lenford #2 with me! It’s going to be… a wild, but hilarious, roller coaster of a ride.

And I’ll do another post about me getting all sentimental and sappy with how invested I got into the writing process of this book, but, for now… you know, let’s just share some pre-order links!

We got it on…

And, of course, also Smashwords, where you can read it… well, right now with the pre-sale there!

Well, you guys know what I’m about to say/write next…

Let me know what you thought/think!


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