It’s Here.

It’s 12:01 a.m. EST. Which means it’s officially March (Friday the) 13th, 2020. Which means… it’s here.

Guys, I’m talking about What the Luck, Emma Lenford!, which releases RIGHT NOW!

But, I mean, you already knew that, right?

I’m so lucking excited right now! And, if you are, too, you can snatch a download, again, right now from any of these online retailers:

And, now, I must say a few sappy words about this book as I promised I would on release date…

Honestly, this book is… (sorry, I’m going to use the “L” word again) lucking amazing.

It was a blast to write, and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with writing anything else. I mean, not to pick favorites or anything… but this book is totally my favorite by far.

It’s funny… no, scratch that, it’s hilarious (pronounced with an accent on the first i), it’s insanely adventurous, and downright diabolical at times. I gotta tell ya guys, I felt like an evil genius when I was writing this; the whole drafting process, I kept saying, “oh my god this is so good this is gonna be so amazing holy cows!”

The first edit run-through was a little rough, though; not sure why. I guess I was just in a bad mood that week and I was paying more attention to the grammar and crap than the actual story and I couldn’t just enjoy it. Now, the second (and also final) revision was when I got to really read my work like you guys (hopefully) will, and then I was laughing at myself every other line and slapping my knee, going, “oh my god this is so good this is so amazing holy cows!”

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been missing the writing journey of this book right now. There were just so many highs… I mean, emotionally, not marijuana-ally. And there weren’t too awful many lows, at least that I can think of, and this was the first time, really, ever that I got so into writing that I made an official routine of it (every night from 11 to 1 am; my proven peak performance hours)!

But, no need to get too sappy, I suppose, because… well, uh, spoiler alert (not really), I’m about to start on book 3 of Emma Lenford!

I’ve been waiting until release day to start, even though I’ve been itching to get back to it, because I wanted a lil’ break to get the juices marinating and everything. Which, for the record, has already worked wonders, seeing how my list of scene/chapter ideas on my phone notepad has gotten so long I’ve had to break it into two notes!

And, FYI, I’m in Wisconsin, Emma’s home state, for 6 weeks now, so I’ll probably draw some more inspiration even from my surroundings (maybe).

And, also FYI… hey, tomorrow’s my birthday!

So, guys, I’m just… so super excited to share this new grand book with you all, and I hope you’re just as hyped as I am; grab a virtual copy ASAP to celebrate!


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