The 35th Art Piece of the week…

Oh, yes, the first art piece of the week without an exclamation point in the title. And, yes, there may possibly be a reason for that…

But, for this week, I wanted to show you guys something very special to me. Because… well, it’s a painting I did just for me, by me!

I was getting tired of doing stuff for everyone else for a while, you know? So, I said, hey, it’s my turn now… and it was honestly about time I did a painting for myself.

And so, here it is, everyone!

This is my absolute favorite scene in movie history. Can you guess the film it comes from???

Okay, I’ll tell y’all. It’s a snapshot of the final scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s! The part where Holly is searching for cat in the rain in an alleyway… and then Paul comes around holding it, and, of course, a big make-out/make-up ensues.

AND, here’s a fun tidbit between my writing and this very scene… When I was writing toward the end of my first novel, Cartoon, I created a scene where (spoiler alert people) Ace kisses Amnesia in the pouring rain when she’s begging him not to go off and, you know, save the whole world while putting his life on the line. Now, I know I could (at least in my mind) never live/write up to such a great scene as the one in this picture, but that’s exactly the scene I drew inspiration from when I was writing. I mean, you can tell that’s what I was going for, right?

Well, that’s all for this week, and, like I said, this painting isn’t for sale! It’s mine; you people can’t have it. However, I do have some other Breakfast at Tiffany’s-related paintings for sale right now on my Etsy page; get 15% off of them with coupon code BLOG15, if you’d like!

Also… well, I’ve decided that this will be the last of our ‘art pieces of the weeks’ for a while. Not, probably, for ever… but, just for now. Wah, I know, sorry.

However, don’t get too bummed out, because I plan on trying out some new art-related posts soon in place of these weekly segments! I’m thinking… art tutorials, anybody?

Be on the lookout, folks! And, as always…

Let me know what you thought/think!


One thought on “The 35th Art Piece of the week…

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