How to… Paint a Pooh Sticker!

Hey, y’all, remember how I said I wanted to try an art tutorial or two in the upcoming weeks? Well, since our art pieces of the weeks are on hold, I figure I could share this with you this Friday afternoon instead!

I actually made this “how-to” video for a class a few months ago, but I’ve been wanting to share it here as well because I, well, worked on it pretty hard.

Check it out!

I really do like making vlogs/videos and such, but it really is a lot of a work, especially when I have so many other things on my plate (or palate, if you will). This one, like I said, though, I had to do for school, and so I got over the “Ohhhh but I’m too busy” thing and just got it done. Looking back now, it was pretty fun to make, and I really wouldn’t mind doing more of these in the future. Especially once I’m doing with… um, editing my next, ahem, audiobook

And it would be VERY appreciated if you guys would let me know what you thought/think of this post! Would you like to see more videos? More art tutorials? Harder things, maybe even?

Let me know and thanks for watching!


2 thoughts on “How to… Paint a Pooh Sticker!

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