Freeeeee eeee-books!

Hey-o, that’s right!

Since the world seems to be stuck in some type of terrible funk right now, and if you’re like me (two weeks into being bogged down by Spanish homework while being locked in the house with your two sometimes screaming nieces y su cuñada), you probably could use a bit of an escape… and a mental escape will have to do because the air outside the windows is polluted with… germs.

And I’m here to help provide you with that mental break!

So, from now until April 20th, you can download all of my e-books free! 100%, no strings attached. Because, I know, I know—I’m an amazing person.

It’s all because I’m participating in the “Authors Give Back” sale on Smashwords! This sale is site-wide and particularly made just to help everyone combat the widely shared feeling of cabin fever this month.

So, check out all of my books on Smashwords, and grab a download… or two or three or four!

This even includes my brand-new release “What the Luck, Emma Lenford!”… which I know a lot of you have been eyeing for a while now but not jumping on for whatever reason… right?

Ah, well, you can get it now! Again… FREE! (So, no excuses, mom, you can afford to support me now.)



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