Just some paintings I did

Recently, I mean.

So, although my weekdays are pretty fully busy Monday through Friday, I still try to reserve weekends for as much painting as I can tolerate. I still have quite a few of my older pieces up on Etsy, but I’m constantly wanting to add more new ones to keep things… well, I don’t know, fresh, I guess.

So, here’s a gallery-like post of a few of paintings I have more recently finished!

First, there’s this one.

It’s the many eyes of the beautiful, iconic (and my absolute favorite) Audrey Hepburn!

I tested out a new painting technique on this one, too! It’s how I got the rainbow colored dots all over in the background. It was a very messy process, though… and it ended up getting paint not only on the canvas paper, but also on my laptop, my brother’s dining table, and the (thankfully wood) floor…

Next up is…

“You’re Owl I Need.”, Acrylic on wood, Kari Mynhier, 2020

…An adorable baby owl!

This one I did on a wooden… canvas-thing, I guess you could call it? Well, anyway, it was different than what I normally do because it looks very farm-house chic, I think. Which I do like, too!

What’s funny is that I was also listening to an audiobook called “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” (the one by David Sedaris) while I was painting it. Totally a coincidence, though.

And the last one that I will show you all today…

Okay, yeah, I’m a big Ari fan… and I pretty much have been since middle school (not to brag or anything, though… although many people think I’m still in middle school)… so, it only felt right to do her well with such an amazing black and white painting!

And I’m sure many others love Ariana Grande as well, right?

So, those are the paintings of the week, guys. I still have a few more to show you, though, so stay tuned next Friday for some more!

All of these pieces are FOR SALE on my Etsy as well! All of my prices are fairly low, however, because I love my blog followers so much, you guys can get 15% off of everything in my shop with coupon code BLOG15.

Let me know which piece this week is your favorite!


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