Trivia Time!

That’s right; time for a good ol’ trivia Thursday! Except for the fact that it’s Friday… I just wanted to make a good alliteration, okay?

Anyway, I came up with the idea to do a little “trivia”… for my Emma Lenford series! So… let’s play a game, shall we?

(Granted, it would be ideal for you to have already read both books out in the series, “What Now, Emma Lenford?” (also now an audiobook!) and “What the Luck, Emma Lenford!”… but I’ll give you a pass and let you play along even if you haven’t.)

Okay, first question’s quality control; you know, weed out all the bots or whatever… or is it?

Answer is… at the bottom of this post, cheaters!

Question #2…

(And, all answers are down below…)

Question #3.

Question #4.

Question #5.

Question #6:

Question #7:

And question # 8:

And answers are as follows…

#1: Lenford, #2:Wisconsin, #3: Green Lake, #4: Panic! at the Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, #5: Chronic diarrhea, #6: A silicone breast implant factory, #7: Costa Rica, #8: Chris Brown

How many did you get right? Let me know down below!


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