A Writing Challenge!

Guys, I just came up with a great idea. It’s kind of like a mini writing prompt/challenge…

So, here’s what I want YOU to do!

Compose a short story… made up of 14 text messages… and ONLY 14 text messages.

And, that’s it! But, is it really as easy as it seems?

Well, I’ll find out, too, because I am going to take this challenge for myself, and I’ll be back to post my result next Friday. So, try the challenge with me, and come back next Friday to share your short text story alongside mine in the post comments! Or, actually, if you don’t want to even wait that long, you can totally post your short story here in this post’s comments.

Read the comments below to see what everyone else has come up with!

And stay tuned for my results, and probably many others’ results, next Friday.


One thought on “A Writing Challenge!

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